Spitz® Salted

Just the right amount of salt to create the perfect balance salt and seed giving you an incredible tasting sunflower seed without covering the natural taste. .

Spitz® Dill Pickle

Looking for something like no other? Try our Dill Pickle Sunflower Seeds. Just the right amount of flavor from selected spices that create a true dill pickle experience.

Spitz® Cracked Pepper

Get that great taste of fresh cracked pepper in each bag. This bold flavor, seasoned to perfection, makes for a unique taste that you’re sure to enjoy.

Spitz® Chili Lime

Smooth chili flavor spices blended with the zest of lime to create our exciting Chili Lime flavor. The snappy lime flavor will have your taste buds dancing with excitement.

Spitz® Spicy

For the bold, this flavor blend offers a hot and spicy mix that is just right for the seed eater looking to wake up their taste buds. This careful blend of spices is just the right amount of heat everyone can enjoy.

Spitz® Seasoned

A perfect blend of spices to create a unique flavor that everyone enjoys. Delicate and delicious, this great flavor will have you eating more and more seeds.

Spitz® Smoky BBQ

The rugged old west is re-born with our new Smoky BBQ flavor. This deep smokehouse flavor creates a whole new sunflower seed experience.

Spitz® Seasoned Pumpkin

We take only the best selection of pumpkin seeds and delicately roast them in our unique roasting process, then season them with the perfect blend of seasonings.